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The Law Office of Gisela Rodriguez, LLC
Providing immigration, family law and criminal defense services in Tallahassee, Florida.

The Law Firm You Need To Succeed

The Law Office of Gisela Rodriguez, LLC, in Tallahassee, Florida, is here to help clients from all across Florida get the legal services they need. Our attorney, Gisela Rodriguez, has been practicing for nearly 10 years. She is dedicated to each of our clients, and she works really hard for them to give their matter the best chance for success.

Ms. Rodriguez understands how life-changing the results of legal matters can be, and she wants you to be confident and secure knowing she will represent you to the best of her ability, no matter what.

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Practice Areas

We offer legal services in these three practice areas:

  • Immigration law: If you have arrived in the United States seeking a better life, there are a lot of hurdles you need to jump through. We can help you with the naturalization process, seek asylum, get the proper visa and much more.
  • Family law: Ms. Rodriguez represents individuals as they work through divorce, child custody and support, and other matters.
  • Criminal law: You deserve defense against accusations involving DUI/DWI or driving without a license.

Our Clients Come First

Everyone in our office is fluent in Spanish. We pride ourselves on being accessible and able to communicate with our clients in the way they are most comfortable with. You need to understand what is happening to you, and we have the knowledge, expertise and language to ensure that happens. With us, you always know the state of your case, what we are doing to help you and the expected outcome.

We proudly offer our services in English as well as Spanish.

Don’t Wait

Whether you are in need of a visa, seeking asylum, facing deportation or facing any other legal issue, let The Law Office of Gisela Rodriguez, LLC, represent you. Schedule an initial consultation with our lawyer today by calling 850-270-5117 or sending an email. Se habla español.

We represent clients throughout Tallahassee and the surrounding areas.